Loving a Friend Girlfriend? This Is What You Must Do

Love is blind and knows nothing about it, and no one is able to resist or avoid love, including you. Love also does not know who he is, what his status is, how old he is. Sometimes someone loves someone who already has a girlfriend, and some even love their girlfriends from their own friends.

There is nothing wrong indeed, but it is unethical if wrong love is continued. I say wrong because after all best friends must be put forward. If you experience the feelings above (loving your best friend) will certainly be a dilemma for you, on the one hand you really love your best friend’s girlfriend and on the other hand you also may not damage friendship.

Love is a gift, but if love for the wrong person will cause problems. Then what should you do about this forbidden love? Do some of the following:

  • Avoid the meeting meeting Love will grow even more when people who love them often meet, so avoid meeting with your best friend to reduce the love you have. If you are invited by your friend to go together, but he is with his girlfriend (who you love), then you should find an excuse to reject it.
  • Close Communication Do not try to contact him, if he contacts you to just confide in him, reply to him enough and wisely. Most cases or cases where a friend’s girlfriend confides, while the one invited is to put his heart down, then he will make the problem more complicated (while hoping that his loved ones break up with friends).
  • Don’t tease it Don’t try to tease him, respect your best friend. However friendship must be maintained so that it can be intact and there are no problems. No matter how small the temptation you express, if he responds with temptation (even if he jokes), it will make you GR and it is difficult to dispel your love for him.
  • Don’t Know Friend If your friend finds out, then I’m sure that will damage the friendship that you have established. Your friends will assume that you are a traitor. Close your feelings tightly to him, not to other people especially your friends know.
  • Look for a girlfriend There are still many others who are more worthy of your love, then look for it. Try to try to love someone else, even if it seems difficult but it is more exciting than having to damage friendship.

Once again I say that love is a gift, and you don’t love him wrong, but I emphasize that you don’t expect more from your feelings. Keep the friendship that you have built with your best friend. Hopefully the short article above is useful for you.

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