Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and How to Overcome It

Adolescence is a time when they have not been able to hold firm to their foundations, so that they are easily affected, it can cause juvenile delinquency problems.

Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and How to Overcome It

This certainly will make parents worried when their children step on teenagers. It needs strict supervision and upbringing so that children who are adolescents do not fall into the world of black (juvenile delinquency). Parents can anticipate this by knowing in advance the factors that can affect the juvenile delinquency.

By knowing what factors can affect juvenile delinquency, so parents can supervise and act on the problem. then what factors can affect the juvenile delinquency, below are including:

Family Factors

Families play an important role in causing juvenile delinquency, the lack of love from parents and also the lack of norm and religious education can influence the teenager to vent his disappointment outside the home. Another factor is family disharmony can also cause juvenile delinquency.

Therefore, to minimize or reduce the risk of juvenile delinquency, you as a parent must give more love to your baby. In addition, create a harmonious family atmosphere so that the baby who enters the teenager prefers at home rather than playing outside. Cultivate the values ​​of norms and religious education from an early age, it is to build the character of children to become good individuals.

School Factors

The second factor that causes juvenile delinquency is the school environment. A good school environment, will grow a good soul and personality too. Teachers or teachers must also provide education about the right norms and religions, so students do not get misdirected. However, parents must also provide supervision (not fully charged to the school). Check what time the child comes home from school, this is so that you can make a schedule of what time the child must have arrived at home. If the school repatriates his students early because of the interests of the school, then the parents should ask for notification from the school.

Environmental factor

The third factor is the environment around the house. If you as a parent feel that your home environment is not friendly (many teenagers are drunk, or there is a lot of crime), then you should forbid your child to get along with that unfavorable environment. But you also have to instill a good attitude towards the environment, this is to keep you and your family from shaking the surrounding community. Invite children to continue to follow positive activities in your environment, such as mutual cooperation activities, etc.

Those are some of the factors that cause juvenile delinquency, hopefully you as a parent can direct your teenager to positive activities so that your baby grows up to be a useful person for parents, nation and religion.

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