Removing Memories with the Ex

The former lover sometimes makes someone not easy to forget, it is caused by many memories while still together as lovers. Beautiful memories that will bring a person into grief when they have to remember him.

If you experience the above, then it’s best to get up quickly and try to find a new world without any shadow of it. After all, not necessarily your ex is still thinking about you? Who knows, he has found another heartbeat, so immediately forget him and find a better substitute for him.

As difficult as anything but you have to do it, for your future. To help you, below are some ways to delete or at least try to get rid of memories with your ex, including:

  • Remember, that many love you No need to regret and you don’t need to cry because all that has happened. Maybe your ex doesn’t love you anymore, but look around you that there are still many who love you (whether family or friends). Tell your problem with the people around you, maybe they have a solution for you to immediately erase the happy memories with the ex. Read also this
  • Busy You The more you reflect and regret, the more you will remember those happy memories. All you have to do is keep yourself busy with a variety of positive activities. With the busyness that you create, then gradually the former shadow will disappear.
  • Shine Your Day With Friends Your brain and mind must be refreshed so that they can be refreshed, so invite friends or friends to hang out, be able to watch movies together, walk to the mall, etc. Or if possible, go recreation or picnic with friends, for example to the beach or other pleasant places. In this way, you will gradually forget the memories with your ex.
  • Open Your Heart To Others There is nothing wrong with you trying to find a replacement, because he really isn’t the best for you. Open your heart to others and create new memories.
  • Bring Yourself Into God The instructions from God are the best for your life, so get close to God and ask for instructions on what you should do.

The former is the past, the new boyfriend is the future. You have to walk forward and not backwards. Therefore, forget the memories with the former, and create new memories with the future. Hopefully useful for you.

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