How to Deal with Girlfriend Over Protection

Having a boyfriend who is understanding is fun, he will support any of your activities (positive ones). Then how would it be if your girlfriend is a person who likes to curb your activities, or in other words is your girlfriend has an over-protective nature? It sucks, of course.

How to Deal with Girlfriend Over Protection

Overprotective and jealous over is not the best way to make a relationship run lasting, but that is one reason the relationship ends. Before that happens, you must take action to maintain your relationship with him. How do you deal with this over-protective boyfriend? here is the solution:

  • Self-introspection Maybe he is over protective because your habits or activities are not good or negative. Don’t blame him immediately, but you have to reflect on yourself whether what you are doing has a good effect or just the opposite. If your boyfriend is over protective of you because he thinks you are too weird with other people, then you have to change that. Good for many people is indeed necessary, but do not be impressed that you spread charm so your boyfriend is angry.
  • Tell Him If You Are Less Comfortable If you feel that the activities you are doing are positive and there are no adverse effects, then explain and give him understanding. Love strong arguments so he understands. But don’t be angry, talk heart to heart so he can soften his heart.
  • Recommend Your World to It Invite him to do various activities which he thinks have been wrong all this time, over time he will enjoy and understand by himself. If the reason he is over protective is because of your closeness with your friends, then introduce your girlfriend to your friends. Invite your girlfriend when you have an event with friends, this is to minimize the jealousy of the lover who often appears.
  • Tell the Risk of the Overpractice He Has As I have said at the beginning, that over-protection can lead to poor relations (it can even end or run aground on the road). Therefore tell him that the over-protective attitude he has can have a fatal effect on a relationship. If he really loves and is afraid of losing you, then he will try to change his bad habits.
  • End If Not Comfortable Relationships that are already uncomfortable to continue will only make you tormented, so does he. Therefore, if you feel that there are no more matches, you should end it before you go too far again. Look for what makes you more comfortable, and give him the chance to get a boyfriend who understands his desires more.

Comfortable, is the main requirement in establishing a relationship. If you don’t get comfort from your boyfriend now, maybe he really isn’t the best for you. While there is still time and you are still young, find a boyfriend who can support each other, can trust each other, and can understand each other. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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