How to get a girlfriend

Singles, a situation that is not fun for some teenagers. Singles are defined as someone (girl or guy) who does not have a partner or boyfriend.

Having a boyfriend or getting a girlfriend is not as easy as you imagine, all need a process (especially if you want a good boyfriend). You can’t just wait to get a girlfriend, you have to try and find. It’s not a problem you’re not good, it’s not a problem you’re not rich so you don’t get a boyfriend. The factor is from you, because I’m sure there are still many who want to accept you for who you are.

Indeed, with you handsome and rich will make your opposite sex approach you to be a boyfriend, but if you want a good boyfriend, not that way. Then how do you do it? Below are some ways to get a good girlfriend, including:

Be Your Self

Be yourself, don’t be someone else. You are you, no need to be someone else just to get a girlfriend. Rest assured that you also have a side to be proud of. With the nature and appearance of what it is, then you will also get a boyfriend who is willing to accept what you are. Being proud of yourself will make other people admire you more than you must be hypocritical about being someone else.

Associate and Multiply Friends

The second step to get a girlfriend is that you have to get along and multiply your friendship. If you don’t get along and just stay quiet, how can you get a girlfriend.


This is the connection from the first point, you have to be confident to get a girlfriend. If you are shy of acting and not confident, this will certainly make it difficult for you to get a girlfriend. Confident but don’t need to be arrogant, because there is no arrogant person who likes you.

Through Sosmed

Friendship on social media can also be used as a place to find a girlfriend, so all you have to do is multiply your friends on social media. If there is something you like, the next step is to approach him (do not feel inferior), if there is a response from him, the next step is land coffee. Do not express love if you have never met in person, because now there are a lot of fake social media accounts, besides those photos that are used as many profile photos that use nasty cameras and not in the original.

Don’t look for a boyfriend because it’s physical

If you don’t want to be loved because of your physical and wealth, and demand the opposite sex to love you for who you are, then you have to. Look for a boyfriend on the basis of the heart (the main one), because a good heart will be good for the other. Don’t look for a boyfriend because he is rich or because he is cute, because that does not necessarily produce comfort,

Don’t be afraid to express love

If you have gotten a crush, and he feels he likes you too, the next step is to express love. Don’t be shy or insecure, like a dish, you won’t know whether it’s delicious or not if it’s not tried. If you are rejected, it means you have to try again and if you are accepted then that is what you expect.

A girlfriend can make you a better person, but vice versa, a boyfriend will make you a bad person. Therefore, look for a boyfriend who is kind (reflected in his personality, he said, and his association). Hopefully the short article can help you to get a girlfriend.

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