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Some Inspirations That Can Be Made As Materials In Writing

Being a writer is a pride for some people, because there is its own happiness, especially if the writing is beneficial to others. And being a writer if pursued properly will produce your financial coffers. Some examples of writers who have succeeded in Indonesia include Darwis Tere Liye, Habiburrahman El Shirazy, Andrea Hirata, Hilman Hariwijaya, Asma Nadia, Dewi “Dee” Lestari, etc.

Full of struggle and sacrifice until the great writers above reap success. Actually, to become a writer requires creativity in concocting inspiration that is obtained to produce a work. The inspiration for a writer is a lot, starting from inspiration around. Then what inspirations can be used as writing? Here’s a small example:

  • Friend Your friends and friends can be used as inspiration to write, starting from how they behave, what activities they do, etc. Friends also sometimes confide in you, well from curhatan that can be used as inspiration for your writing.
  • Yourself Many events that happen to you, such as the problem of your love, your relationship with parents. It is an opportunity for your inspiration to be written. There are advantages when you write your personal problems, because you can know exactly all the initial events until the ending.
  • Community Are there various kinds of communities where you live? Now understand and learn, it will be an inspiration in your writing. Don’t forget to make sure that your writing is in accordance with the reality, so that problems do not arise later on. You can search for information directly from people in the community, and it is also important to notify and ask permission of the community to be the object of an article.
  • Neighborhood Something that can be used as inspiration for the next writing is the environment or the environment. Pay attention and understand the various events around you, it can be an inspiration for your writing.

There are still many inspirations that can be used as writing material for a writer. A writing usually explains the law of cause and effect, how the event began, then how the event took place, and what the consequences of that activity were. In order for readers to understand your writing, then you must be complete and clear in concocting the storyline. Hopefully the short article will be useful for all of you.