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How to get a girlfriend

Singles, a situation that is not fun for some teenagers. Singles are defined as someone (girl or guy) who does not have a partner or boyfriend.

Having a boyfriend or getting a girlfriend is not as easy as you imagine, all need a process (especially if you want a good boyfriend). You can’t just wait to get a girlfriend, you have to try and find. It’s not a problem you’re not good, it’s not a problem you’re not rich so you don’t get a boyfriend. The factor is from you, because I’m sure there are still many who want to accept you for who you are.

Indeed, with you handsome and rich will make your opposite sex approach you to be a boyfriend, but if you want a good boyfriend, not that way. Then how do you do it? Below are some ways to get a good girlfriend, including:

Be Your Self

Be yourself, don’t be someone else. You are you, no need to be someone else just to get a girlfriend. Rest assured that you also have a side to be proud of. With the nature and appearance of what it is, then you will also get a boyfriend who is willing to accept what you are. Being proud of yourself will make other people admire you more than you must be hypocritical about being someone else.

Associate and Multiply Friends

The second step to get a girlfriend is that you have to get along and multiply your friendship. If you don’t get along and just stay quiet, how can you get a girlfriend.


This is the connection from the first point, you have to be confident to get a girlfriend. If you are shy of acting and not confident, this will certainly make it difficult for you to get a girlfriend. Confident but don’t need to be arrogant, because there is no arrogant person who likes you.

Through Sosmed

Friendship on social media can also be used as a place to find a girlfriend, so all you have to do is multiply your friends on social media. If there is something you like, the next step is to approach him (do not feel inferior), if there is a response from him, the next step is land coffee. Do not express love if you have never met in person, because now there are a lot of fake social media accounts, besides those photos that are used as many profile photos that use nasty cameras and not in the original.

Don’t look for a boyfriend because it’s physical

If you don’t want to be loved because of your physical and wealth, and demand the opposite sex to love you for who you are, then you have to. Look for a boyfriend on the basis of the heart (the main one), because a good heart will be good for the other. Don’t look for a boyfriend because he is rich or because he is cute, because that does not necessarily produce comfort,

Don’t be afraid to express love

If you have gotten a crush, and he feels he likes you too, the next step is to express love. Don’t be shy or insecure, like a dish, you won’t know whether it’s delicious or not if it’s not tried. If you are rejected, it means you have to try again and if you are accepted then that is what you expect.

A girlfriend can make you a better person, but vice versa, a boyfriend will make you a bad person. Therefore, look for a boyfriend who is kind (reflected in his personality, he said, and his association). Hopefully the short article can help you to get a girlfriend.


How to Deal with Girlfriend Over Protection

Having a boyfriend who is understanding is fun, he will support any of your activities (positive ones). Then how would it be if your girlfriend is a person who likes to curb your activities, or in other words is your girlfriend has an over-protective nature? It sucks, of course.

How to Deal with Girlfriend Over Protection

Overprotective and jealous over is not the best way to make a relationship run lasting, but that is one reason the relationship ends. Before that happens, you must take action to maintain your relationship with him. How do you deal with this over-protective boyfriend? here is the solution:

  • Self-introspection Maybe he is over protective because your habits or activities are not good or negative. Don’t blame him immediately, but you have to reflect on yourself whether what you are doing has a good effect or just the opposite. If your boyfriend is over protective of you because he thinks you are too weird with other people, then you have to change that. Good for many people is indeed necessary, but do not be impressed that you spread charm so your boyfriend is angry.
  • Tell Him If You Are Less Comfortable If you feel that the activities you are doing are positive and there are no adverse effects, then explain and give him understanding. Love strong arguments so he understands. But don’t be angry, talk heart to heart so he can soften his heart.
  • Recommend Your World to It Invite him to do various activities which he thinks have been wrong all this time, over time he will enjoy and understand by himself. If the reason he is over protective is because of your closeness with your friends, then introduce your girlfriend to your friends. Invite your girlfriend when you have an event with friends, this is to minimize the jealousy of the lover who often appears.
  • Tell the Risk of the Overpractice He Has As I have said at the beginning, that over-protection can lead to poor relations (it can even end or run aground on the road). Therefore tell him that the over-protective attitude he has can have a fatal effect on a relationship. If he really loves and is afraid of losing you, then he will try to change his bad habits.
  • End If Not Comfortable Relationships that are already uncomfortable to continue will only make you tormented, so does he. Therefore, if you feel that there are no more matches, you should end it before you go too far again. Look for what makes you more comfortable, and give him the chance to get a boyfriend who understands his desires more.

Comfortable, is the main requirement in establishing a relationship. If you don’t get comfort from your boyfriend now, maybe he really isn’t the best for you. While there is still time and you are still young, find a boyfriend who can support each other, can trust each other, and can understand each other. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


Removing Memories with the Ex

The former lover sometimes makes someone not easy to forget, it is caused by many memories while still together as lovers. Beautiful memories that will bring a person into grief when they have to remember him.

If you experience the above, then it’s best to get up quickly and try to find a new world without any shadow of it. After all, not necessarily your ex is still thinking about you? Who knows, he has found another heartbeat, so immediately forget him and find a better substitute for him.

As difficult as anything but you have to do it, for your future. To help you, below are some ways to delete or at least try to get rid of memories with your ex, including:

  • Remember, that many love you No need to regret and you don’t need to cry because all that has happened. Maybe your ex doesn’t love you anymore, but look around you that there are still many who love you (whether family or friends). Tell your problem with the people around you, maybe they have a solution for you to immediately erase the happy memories with the ex. Read also this
  • Busy You The more you reflect and regret, the more you will remember those happy memories. All you have to do is keep yourself busy with a variety of positive activities. With the busyness that you create, then gradually the former shadow will disappear.
  • Shine Your Day With Friends Your brain and mind must be refreshed so that they can be refreshed, so invite friends or friends to hang out, be able to watch movies together, walk to the mall, etc. Or if possible, go recreation or picnic with friends, for example to the beach or other pleasant places. In this way, you will gradually forget the memories with your ex.
  • Open Your Heart To Others There is nothing wrong with you trying to find a replacement, because he really isn’t the best for you. Open your heart to others and create new memories.
  • Bring Yourself Into God The instructions from God are the best for your life, so get close to God and ask for instructions on what you should do.

The former is the past, the new boyfriend is the future. You have to walk forward and not backwards. Therefore, forget the memories with the former, and create new memories with the future. Hopefully useful for you.


Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and How to Overcome It

Adolescence is a time when they have not been able to hold firm to their foundations, so that they are easily affected, it can cause juvenile delinquency problems.

Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and How to Overcome It

This certainly will make parents worried when their children step on teenagers. It needs strict supervision and upbringing so that children who are adolescents do not fall into the world of black (juvenile delinquency). Parents can anticipate this by knowing in advance the factors that can affect the juvenile delinquency.

By knowing what factors can affect juvenile delinquency, so parents can supervise and act on the problem. then what factors can affect the juvenile delinquency, below are including:

Family Factors

Families play an important role in causing juvenile delinquency, the lack of love from parents and also the lack of norm and religious education can influence the teenager to vent his disappointment outside the home. Another factor is family disharmony can also cause juvenile delinquency.

Therefore, to minimize or reduce the risk of juvenile delinquency, you as a parent must give more love to your baby. In addition, create a harmonious family atmosphere so that the baby who enters the teenager prefers at home rather than playing outside. Cultivate the values ​​of norms and religious education from an early age, it is to build the character of children to become good individuals.

School Factors

The second factor that causes juvenile delinquency is the school environment. A good school environment, will grow a good soul and personality too. Teachers or teachers must also provide education about the right norms and religions, so students do not get misdirected. However, parents must also provide supervision (not fully charged to the school). Check what time the child comes home from school, this is so that you can make a schedule of what time the child must have arrived at home. If the school repatriates his students early because of the interests of the school, then the parents should ask for notification from the school.

Environmental factor

The third factor is the environment around the house. If you as a parent feel that your home environment is not friendly (many teenagers are drunk, or there is a lot of crime), then you should forbid your child to get along with that unfavorable environment. But you also have to instill a good attitude towards the environment, this is to keep you and your family from shaking the surrounding community. Invite children to continue to follow positive activities in your environment, such as mutual cooperation activities, etc.

Those are some of the factors that cause juvenile delinquency, hopefully you as a parent can direct your teenager to positive activities so that your baby grows up to be a useful person for parents, nation and religion.


How to respond to fierce parents

Being a child from angry parents sometimes makes us depressed because in their eyes we are always wrong. But we also need to realize that there are no parents who want their children to be human beings who are not good. Maybe fierce or angry parents are their way to educate us to become better people.

Parents who are fierce are not always due to factors of their nature and attitude, but maybe also because of our own factors which according to parents that what we do is wrong. Then how should we behave in facing a fierce or angry old man? below are including:

  • Follow What Parents Want Parents certainly want their children not to go wrong, so sometimes if we do things that parents think are wrong, the old man gets angry. All we have to do is realize the mistakes we made and promise we won’t repeat them again.
  • Self-introspection Do not blame the attitude of the fierce parents, all we have to do is self-reflection why parents are angry. Sometimes the various things we do (mistakes) make parents fierce. Introspect our mistakes and fix them all.
  • Do the Good When we do positive activities and good things, I’m sure parents won’t be angry. They will support our activities .
  • Make Proud Parents When we excel in any field, parents will be proud of us. Achieve achievements, both at school and outside of school so parents believe that we are the child they expect.
  • Pray For Parents Pray for the best for our parents, hopefully given the ease of sustenance and longevity. Sometimes economic factors can also make parents stressful and easily angry.

Parents are people who educate us, people who care for us with love. It is not appropriate for us to hate or vilify them, whatever and how they are they are our parents who must be respected and respected. May be useful for you all.


Loving a Friend Girlfriend? This Is What You Must Do

Love is blind and knows nothing about it, and no one is able to resist or avoid love, including you. Love also does not know who he is, what his status is, how old he is. Sometimes someone loves someone who already has a girlfriend, and some even love their girlfriends from their own friends.

There is nothing wrong indeed, but it is unethical if wrong love is continued. I say wrong because after all best friends must be put forward. If you experience the feelings above (loving your best friend) will certainly be a dilemma for you, on the one hand you really love your best friend’s girlfriend and on the other hand you also may not damage friendship.

Love is a gift, but if love for the wrong person will cause problems. Then what should you do about this forbidden love? Do some of the following:

  • Avoid the meeting meeting Love will grow even more when people who love them often meet, so avoid meeting with your best friend to reduce the love you have. If you are invited by your friend to go together, but he is with his girlfriend (who you love), then you should find an excuse to reject it.
  • Close Communication Do not try to contact him, if he contacts you to just confide in him, reply to him enough and wisely. Most cases or cases where a friend’s girlfriend confides, while the one invited is to put his heart down, then he will make the problem more complicated (while hoping that his loved ones break up with friends).
  • Don’t tease it Don’t try to tease him, respect your best friend. However friendship must be maintained so that it can be intact and there are no problems. No matter how small the temptation you express, if he responds with temptation (even if he jokes), it will make you GR and it is difficult to dispel your love for him.
  • Don’t Know Friend If your friend finds out, then I’m sure that will damage the friendship that you have established. Your friends will assume that you are a traitor. Close your feelings tightly to him, not to other people especially your friends know.
  • Look for a girlfriend There are still many others who are more worthy of your love, then look for it. Try to try to love someone else, even if it seems difficult but it is more exciting than having to damage friendship.

Once again I say that love is a gift, and you don’t love him wrong, but I emphasize that you don’t expect more from your feelings. Keep the friendship that you have built with your best friend. Hopefully the short article above is useful for you.